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By: Brian Walker, The CAP Group – We will look back on October 30, 2023 as the day the world changed. On that date, the CISO role was annointed as

By: Paul Lehman, Brian Walker – “Practice the way you play” is an oft-repeated coaching line that’s finding fresh meaning today as companies prepare to report material cyber incidents to

By: Sue Bergamo and Brian Walker — The new SEC cybersecurity disclosure rules require public companies to publicly disclose material cybersecurity incidents. Each material incident is to be disclosed using

By: Rod Hackman and Brian Walker — Companies are beginning to digest the recently published SEC rules for cybersecurity disclosure related to incident reporting, risk management and governance processes. The

On July 26, 2023, the SEC issued its final rules for disclosing key information regarding cyber risk. The final rule addresses concerns over investor access to timely and consistent information

SEC Sparks Demand for Cyber-Savvy Board Directors New SEC rule changes are expected to require public companies to formally disclose the cybersecurity expertise of board members, as well as the