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The CAP Group works with directors and officers who want pragmatic cybersecurity advice. Founded in 2017 and based in Dallas, Texas, the firm supports clients ranging in size from global Fortune 500 to regional G2000. CAP devises effective strategies for providing critical asset protection, leveraging advisor backgrounds that include:

  • Roles as CEO, CIO, CISO, CTO
  • Board directors, ex officio advisors, advisory board members
  • Global executives with portfolios that span time zones, cultures, currencies, and regulators.
  • Executives with first-hand experience with all adversary motives (theft, disruption, damage, and espionage)

Brian Walker

Founder / CEO

Brian Walker focuses primarily on the financial services and energy industries. Specializes in formulation of strategies to mature defensive capabilities for critical infrastructure, including both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) / industrial control systems (ICS).

  • Assignments have included global clients, as well as regional clients in North America, Japan, Europe, and Asia.
  • Has led maturation-in-place initiatives as well as provided interim CIO/CISO roles in support of turnaround/urgent situations.
  • Has led the launch of information security and privacy subcommittees (ISPS), including definition of policy frameworks and all associated policies and standards.
  • Operational responsibilities included adherence to regulators including SEC, FINRA, OCC, NERC, FERC, TSA and DHS.
  • Has created and matured technology partner ecosystems including cybersecurity, infrastructure operations, cloud services, applications management, and bundled As-A-Service capabilities.

Michael Rossman

Senior Advisor

Michael Rossman is an information risk executive with experience in senior management and consultant roles for Fortune 50-500 companies.

  • A senior advisor with The CAP Group, focusing on utility and energy sectors, supporting clients in the development and implementation of strategies to protect critical infrastructure, operational technology (OT) and information assets.
  • Has directed cybersecurity, risk management, systems engineering, systems development and operations consulting within utility, energy, technology, financial and other sectors as well as for U.S. Intelligence and DoD agencies.
  • Draws upon deep management and engineering experience as an executive directing corporate cybersecurity organizations, technology risk and compliance programs, and IT operations for leading global firms in the energy, manufacturing and financial services sectors.

Paul Lehman

Senior Advisor

Paul Lehman is an experienced business executive and technology strategist specializing in enterprise IT and cybersecurity. He specializes in creation, deployment, and operation of cybersecurity technology strategies for global entities with complex regulatory requirements.

  • Has led strategy, engineering, and operational efforts for industrial, financial services, technology services, and government clients.
  • Has led cybersecurity organizations as a CIO/CSO in multiple public and private companies.
  • Deep expertise in vendor evaluation, negotiation, and contracting for technology and cybersecurity products and services.

Neil Jarvis

Senior Advisor

Neil Jarvis is a Fortune 50 business executive with 40+ years of experience. Recognized across Defense, Government, Supply Chain, Insurance and High-Tech industries. Specializing in building and driving laser-focused business and technology strategies with an emphasis on supporting, protecting and driving the business strategies.

  • From assignments as President, CEO, COO, CIO has demonstrated exceptional abilities to efficiently identify and resolve complex challenges that deliver improved business, technology, security and organizational capabilities that consistently accomplished significantly improved P&L growth, productivity gains, shareholder value and client goals.
  • Assignments have included global clients, as well as regional clients in North America, Japan, Europe, and Asia and managing multi-billion-dollar P&Ls, Budgets, and globally dispersed personnel.
  • A strong contributor to the business community with a passion for developing and coaching people and organizations has resulted in Board of Director roles, International Advisory Board participation, White House Sub Committee for Cyber Security participation and served on Information Technology Alliance for Public Sector and Information Technology Industry Council service.
  • Twice named Arizona Large Company CIO of the Year.
  • Published and quoted in Business and Industry publications – Forbes, Fast Company, CIO Review, Currently holds a US Government Top Secret Clearance.

Randy Manner

Senior Advisor

Randy Manner brings a wealth of diverse experience in helping CEOs, C-Suite and senior executives and teams to increase their effectiveness. His leadership and previous experiences as a CIO in a multibillion-dollar international IT company, a combat decorated Army Major General, a Senior Partner in the number one executive search and leadership development company in the world and as an Executive Leadership Coach provide a unique combination to help executives scope, shape, and implement change.

  • Assignments have included leading red-teaming and multi-dimensional threat assessments of mission critical multibillion dollar systems, infrastructure, and facilities in the military and commercial sectors.
  • Assists executive teams and leaders to leverage positive changes in behaviors and actions from the top that are accentuated and amplified as they ripple down and across the culture of the organization.
  • Rapidly connects with senior executives to identify potential behavior shifts to support their desired business outcomes. By thoughtful listening and asking insightful questions, he enables executives to explore potential options and changes of behavior they otherwise may not consider.
  • Brings greater clarity and simplicity to boards and C-suite leaders to challenges and opportunities that are particularly complex or ambiguous.
  • Clients are diverse,varying from Fortune 1 to Fortune 100 to include mid-cap and private equity firms across functional sectors.
  • As a trusted adviser and coach, Randy is committed to helping leaders make significant and positive change in their business, their personal lives, and in the lives of the people they lead.

Claude Mandy

Senior Advisor

Claude Mandy focuses primarily on industries with regulated data requirements such as financial services , health care and technology service providers. Specializes in delivering and improving modern cyber security services strategically through hands on strategic, workforce and technical leadership and advice.

  • Former global CISO with responsibility for operations across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, Latin America and North America.
  • Built and led global cyber high performance global cybersecurity teams and multi-year transformation programs
  • Operational responsibilities included adherence to regulations including SEC, NYDFS, OCC, APRA, MAS and compliance certifications such as PCI, SOC2 and HIPAA.
  • Former Gartner analyst, focused on supporting CISO’s with indispensable insights, advice and tools
  • Led or participated in 25+ Industry research publications, including multiple Hype Cycles, Market Guides, Magic Quadrants and Critical Capabilities publications.