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Officer Advice

Cybersecurity is one of many “top priorities” facing executive leadership. Budgets and talent are finite and precious. The cybersecurity technology market is ever-changing, making it difficult for executives to assess the alignment of cybersecurity strategies with overall corporate plans and priorities.

We bring decades of experience in cybersecurity operations. We understand the needs of the executive team, as well as the realities of the extended organization. We work closely with the executive team to not just develop, but implement pragmatic, effective cybersecurity strategies.

Officer Advisory Services:

Assessment and Benchmarking

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving endeavor. Adversaries are continuously innovating, requiring similar innovation in our defenses.

How we help:

  • Cybersecurity assessment using industry-standard frameworks
  • Benchmarking to compare maturity and performance to others with similar challenges

Cybersecurity Maturation

Maturation is a continuous journey, with specific, measurable results delivered in accordance with a time-bound plan.

How we help:

  • Development of executable maturation plans
  • Mobilization of accountable teams to deliver specific maturation results
  • Oversight and verification of maturation projects to ensure delivery of results

Leadership Development

Cybersecurity is a deep domain of expertise requiring technical acumen, suitable management, and effective leadership.

How we help:

  • Assessment of technology leaders to gauge abilities and effectiveness
  • Coaching of leaders to accelerate professional growth and maturation

Cybersecurity Risk Analysis

Cybersecurity risk is one of many enterprise risks and effective management requires expertise and executive judgement.

How we help:

  • Evaluation and prioritization of cybersecurity risks at-large
  • Collaboration with Risk executives in deciding which risks to accept, which to mitigate, and which to transfer
  • Evaluation of cybersecurity insurance brokers and carriers