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Board Advice

Cybersecurity risk is inherently a business risk, continuously increasing in both visibility and magnitude.  Shareholders expect timely, informed oversight of cybersecurity matters from directors and officers (D&O). Yet effective oversight of cyber is increasingly difficult – both in terms of technical expertise and time requirements of key directors.


We bring decades of practical experience in the effective management of cybersecurity capabilities. We understand the needs of the board, as well as the reality of executive leadership. Our advice focuses on ensuring transparency and collaboration between the board and the executive team, providing the insights required to manage cyber risk.

Board Advisory Services:

Board Oversight Maturation

Effective oversight of cybersecurity risk at the D&O level has always been challenging but has reached an inflection point, requiring new skills and methods. Whether driven by the frequency and materiality of cyber incidents or the increasing scrutiny by regulators and shareholders, we help our clients achieve step-change improvement in the transparency and trust of cybersecurity oversight.

How we help:

  • Launch of Cybersecurity Subcommittee to provide more robust oversight in support of the Audit Committee
  • Maturation of cybersecurity operating model to align Directors with the executive team and the cybersecurity team
  • Maturation of reporting to ensure Directors receive the right information to provide informed oversight

Cybersecurity Advisory Boards

Cybersecurity advisory boards are emerging as a cost-effective method for augmenting the executive team with deep expertise and objective perspectives. Convening regularly and focusing solely on cyber matters allows an advisory board provides focused expertise to the D&O team.

How we help:

  • Initial launch of the cybersecurity advisory board
  • Identification and evaluation of potential candidates
  • Oversight and management on an ongoing basis

Board Candidate Evaluation

Directors are increasingly expected to provide sophisticated oversight of cybersecurity matters, making this domain of expertise increasingly important when evaluating potential directors.

How we help:

  • Definition of requirements for Directors – both at-large and for specialized cybersecurity Directors
  • Vetting of potential candidates for cybersecurity expertise and experience

Coaching and Mentoring

Directors face a dizzying array of jargon and technical concepts.

How we help:

  • Coaching on industry lexicon and concepts
  • Overviews on key vendors and technologies
  • Briefings on industry trends and issues